Mario Winston

Mario, a Chattanooga native through and through, wears his hometown pride like a well-tailored suit. His dedication to family runs just as deep, evident in his role as a loving husband and father to two cherished children. Mario's passions extend beyond the warmth of his own home. Since 2018, he's built a rock-solid reputation in the real estate industry, holding licenses in both Tennessee and Georgia. His expertise isn't just about contracts and market trends; it's about seeing the human stories woven into every brick and mortar. For Mario, the greatest reward isn't a closed deal, it's the joy of witnessing someone's dream of homeownership coming true. He finds immense satisfaction in guiding individuals through the often-daunting process, his dedication fueled by the knowledge that he's playing a pivotal role in shaping their futures. So, if you're looking for more than just a realtor, you're looking for Mario. He's not just selling houses, he's helping people build homes, one satisfied smile at a time.